For Start-ups

Start filling in the gaps in your start-up concept today and successfully implement your vision!

You are a go-getter

Your idea is wonderful, you’re highly trained, have created a suitable framework – but things are still not going to plan? You are slaving away at a second job, feel half dead during your ‘free time’, and yet the grass never seems to get any greener?

For young entrepreneurs it is rarely motivation that is lacking – after all, they are chasing their dreams. The first building blocks are thus in place so do not get bogged down in the fundamentals unless you really have to. There may be many reasons why things are not (yet) going smoothly, some of which are often obstacles from your own subconscious. Let us help you get your vision to bloom. And if things appear to be going like clockwork already: be assured that there is still more that can be done with proportionately less effort.

A4B’s advice: Have a spring clean and let success find you

Filling in the gaps

Knowing your true potential means using it to the fullest. Do you know where your weaknesses and strengths lie? Where there are gaps to be filled, strengths to be worked on, or where is external support needed? Are you already working to the best of your abilities? If your start-up is drying up, or is only stumbling forward, the following culprits are usually to blame:

  • Lack of ability in: finances, strategy, marketing, colleagues, structures
  • Your idea is great but you do not know your goal
  • You do not have the time and/or energy to realise your goals
  • You know too little about your potential and strengths/weaknesses, or are not aware of them at all

Angels4Business© Coaching brings clarity to matters using location analysis. Key elements (motivation, energy, time, vision, finances and structures) are clarified and are weighted in terms of importance. Conscious and unconscious obstacles are eliminated.

We take care of your business dimensions and look at your personal environment, your way of thinking and the fundamental potential of your business idea. And your start-up can recover and thrive, or really take off for the first time!

Let A4B show you how to get to the top rapidly.   

Are you at the top of your field?

New companies are founded on a daily basis and innovative minds are being turned to entrepreneurship. However, in Switzerland alone, more than 50% of newly founded companies cease operations within 5 years. The reasons are manifold. But the other half manage to establish themselves and some of them really get off to a flying start. Entrepreneurs such as these have evidently done a lot right.

Are you interested in finding out more about how Angels4Business© Start-ups can support you and mould your company into a success?


Expect a breakthrough

Nothing says more than the voices of those who have tried out a method for themselves. A few Angels4Business© customers will talk to you about their personal experiences and situation, both past and present. Perhaps you will recognise a few similar topics with which you are confronted at the moment. Maybe you will identify some personal doubts and sticking points you have in common that you would like to do something about. You will see that removing these barriers is not quite as tricky as you might imagine. Find out more and be inspired!

Tatjana Kotoric, stylist and designer

“I used the Angels4Business© methods for my company and was very impressed. The start-up concept took effect very quickly and was individually tailored to my history. It helped me achieve clear insights in many areas. Arne Hodel’s vast know-how and calm way of dealing with matters gave me the security I needed to quickly put my own knowledge into practice.

I always felt like I was understood and in capable hands. I recommend it for all start-ups which are looking for support or answers for any particular issue.