What would suit me?

Is there such a thing as a top sports star who doesn’t have a coach? If it makes sense for them, your business could benefit equally. Treat yourself to a coach who will accompany you on the path towards success.

What do you sense? How do you work as an individual? What do you believe in? – If you take an integrated approach you can stay at the top of your game. What are the weak spots, the barriers? We will find out. Reduce friction losses and idle time. Bundle your energy together and put it to work.

The following five sophisticated modules will enable you to find an Angels4Business© consultation approach to match your needs. Each module is based around a topic, which it fully explains and clarifies.

These advanced modules can be combined to suit your own particular needs, or one can flow into another. We can apply them flexibly so they can be used individually for people, corporate vision or the company as a whole. And the best part is: They are available today to help you achieve even more success.

Angel Business Sanity Check©

Where am I and what do I stand for?

Angel Business Sanity Check© provides detailed location determination – quick and comprehensive. It analyses your company and its most important elements using an integrated approach – vision, strategy, finances.

It allows us to investigate structural, conceptual and emotional aspects and evaluate them. Resources and obstacles are made apparent and you can find the path to effortless business success using a prioritised plan of action.

Angel Business Potential Check©

Where could more be done?

Angel Business Potential Check© identifies the potential of a company or business projects. It will show you the steps that need to be taken to make better use of potential. Unique: The tool also finds unidentified potential, releases it and makes it accessible. Why waste interesting opportunities by not taking advantage of them? Use a few more of those ‘deadend chances’ and see your growth rates soar as if by magic.

Angel Business Transformation©

How do I set about making changes?

You won’t need to know the answer to this question once you find out the necessary steps. Perhaps you have already carried out a location analysis or potential check. Then all you need to do is kick off the implementation process using Angel Business Transformation©.

This consultation is structural, conceptual and personal. We observe changing conditions dynamically and quickly. We will adjust your company’s course and accompany you to the finish line.

Angel Business Development©

What do I want and what am I capable of?

Do you want to focus more on your professional activities? Go ahead, the Angel Business Development© team will stand by you throughout. We will gather valuable information on your capabilities and needs – what are you capable of?

What do you need?

We will evaluate these facts and correlate them with your potential and defined goal. Is your goal achievable? Is it realistic? Let us dynamically support and strengthen you along your path to development.

Angel Business Analytics©

Welches sind die tragenden Elemente?

Which are the key elements?

Angel Business Analytics© is used in conjunction with Angel Business Sanity Check© – one on top of the other.

This module analyses the key elements of your business in a very detailed and far-reaching manner. Each element is checked in terms of structural completeness and usefulness. We balance personal topics with the predetermined structures. We also check for any possible obstacles and innovative forces.

The result: We will hand you an exact, prioritised plan of action that has been tailored to you. Your business will then be able to move forward sustainably.