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Simple, but strong! You can contact me after only a few clicks. The opportunities open to you are endless. Remember: the only limits are the ones we place on ourselves. Free yourself from thinking small and being held back. Allow yourself to be successful in every respect. It would be my pleasure to be your coach and guide you along your first tentative steps on a new path.

My style: Recognise weak spots and eradicate them directly. Now I’m looking forward to the next step – waiting to hear from you. And: If things are already going fairly well….after coaching, your business will truly take off and as if by magic!

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Seefeldstrasse 12
CH – 8008 Zürich

Fon: +41 (79) 235 34 33

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Miracles can happen every day - both big and small

Limiting yourself is too human – spread your wings and fly! Once you have decided to jump over the hurdles put in place by our imaginations:

Nothing stands in the way of your success, even your own inhibitions. Allow yourself to take a step forward. For you as an individual, for your company or your start-up. Take a look at the map to locate me.