For private individuals and employees

Change your direction to one that leads to more success and satisfaction!

You are unique

As a private individual or employee, you will from time to time come to a crossroads where you will have to ponder:

  • Which path shall I take?
  • What types of training or jobs stimulate me or make me happy, and what can offer me a decent living?
  • How can I continue to develop myself?
  • How can I make my professional life more challenging, exciting or meaningful?
  • Where is my place in the world?

Perhaps there are certain job situations that you find difficult such as with colleagues, the boss, predetermined structures, or a whole range of things. Angels4Business© Coaching can recognise your potential, define suitable opportunities and accompany you along the appropriate path. Things can only get better. Strive towards the highest level of contentment on all levels without breaking a sweat.

A4B motivates: Go where you belong.

Discover your inner flame

Let your light shine for all to see. Be a lighthouse! If you conceal your light, who is going to see it? Typical stumbling blocks for private individuals or employees are:

  • Not knowing what you want and what you are capable of
  • Existing business structures causing issues
  • Being under-challenged (or not challenged at all)
  • Problems with colleagues or the boss
  • Not feeling noticed or getting enough recognition, leading to an inner void and then burn-out
  • Unemployment, wanting to change positions, or set a completely new course by changing career or undergoing training
  • Being confronted with similar situations/problems time after time

Location analysis brings clarity to conscious and unconscious issues relating to the five core elements (job, money, love, relationships, health). We will recognise set priorities and any barriers to your success. We will find out where your true abilities actually lie. We will recover this treasure trove and put it to use to find you professional contentment.

Happiness gives you fulfilment

Every day you will be making decisions as a private individual which are make or break for the path you have chosen. It is a great challenge to keep in sight of who you truly are and remain focussed on your personal goals. Each new day is an unknown for us all.

Read our references to find out how Angels4Business© can support you on your quest for success as a private individual.


Expect a breakthrough

Nothing says more than the voices of those who have tried out a method for themselves. A few Angels4Business© customers will talk to you about their personal experiences and situation, both past and present. Perhaps you will recognise a few similar topics with which you are confronted at the moment. Maybe you will identify some personal doubts and sticking points you have in common that you would like to do something about. You will see that removing these barriers is not quite as tricky as you might imagine. Find out more and be inspired!

Sylvia Leeb

For years, I had been trying to build my business in the field of (life) coaching, and social counselling and training. I invested two whole years of my free time into the project alongside my part-time job. But nothing came of it! Not one single customer! All the while, a dear friend and colleague of mine was swamped with applications.

I languished in a low-paid part-time job and a training institute with such a low fee that I would have still needed a third job to finance my monthly expenses. Confused, I asked myself: “What am I doing wrong? Where are the barriers?” I was just about to give up on my dream.

Then I got to know Arne Hodel and his Angel Business Model and we recognised that there was an unknown barrier – we lifted it using the energy of his angels. Arne’s style is very empathic and I cannot tell you much his professional business coaching and Angel Business Model have meant to me. I had already tried out a few ‘classic’ and systematic coaching tools for my business – the whole range of consultation meetings, constellation work, organisational restructuring – and it was all entirely unsuccessful. Arne’s tool was so much more efficient than any of the others. I had never seen such rapid and brilliant changes occur before.

As a trained coach, I know that the coaching process can take weeks or even months and generally works on a rational level, and changes occur in a more piecemeal fashion. Things happen much more easily and quickly with Angels4Business© and the Angel Business Model.”

Sabine Kaminski

“This trip to Zurich was a complete success for me, and I noticed that working with you is so entirely different that it is hard to put it into words. In any case, you think to yourself: ‘Why doesn’t work always have these sort of qualities?´”.

Igor Garcia

„Sometimes in life you stand in front of many doors and you don’t know which one to open. This happened to me last year as I faced some challenges in Business and I was trapped between the following doors. Deciding to concentrate my energy towards a functional career, to run large projects or to invest in an additional education. Angels4Business supported me in this phase by applying systemic coaching. We achieved not only a clear positioning of my current situation, but also a simple and understandable potential check of myself. After a single session, I was able to develop a career roadmap and to take first steps on my own – Thank You, Angels4Business!“