Get to know me

Look forward to clarity

People who get to know me immediately realise that I do not beat around the bush. I quickly get to the point without further ado. Born in 1969 in Basel, I have been active in the world of business consultancy for 20 years. I learnt the fundamentals from my business degree at Fribourg Uni, followed by 8 years’ practical experience in the global consultancy firm, Accenture AG. I worked for three years as Head of IT at Telecom Liechtenstein and two years as a consultant at Swisscom. Then I launched into self-employment. One of the driving forces for this decision was that I found that too much in the business world was one-sided. Almost everything was left brain. A great deal of unnecessary politics also held back progress.

This brought me into an entirely different field – the non-material world. I tried everything that was possible and discovered a great deal: intuition, hypnosis, personality analysis, laws of quantum physics and much more. I became trained as a systemic coach, as as business coach, as a life coach and as a hypnotherapist and I gathered a lot of experience as a coach at the same as working as a business consultant.

It became ever clearer to me that connecting the worlds could uncover a veritable treasure trove, and that spirit is just as important as intellectual analysis. I also realised that combining your senses, thoughts and comprehension would help you quickly recognise what needs to be done and where. Working with these possibilities opens up new dimensions.

New dimensions!

You just need to be daring and use these dimensions to the fullest.

Today, I have the confidence and expertise to bring these valuable Angels4Business© tools to the world at large.

What can you expect from me? My authenticity, analytical and empathic strength, honesty and strong intuition shape my thoughts and actions. I adjust a variety of the best training methods in line with the individual challenges of my clients.

You have my full attention and knowledge at your disposal. And I expect the same from you – you want to change or achieve something. I offer you an environment in which to do this; a space in which thinking outside the both is not only a possibility – it’s necessary. Somewhere where you can try new things out and speak freely and objectively about your situation or mistakes.

I will support you. I will believe in you. I will accompany you. I will intensify your powers of perception and strengthen your focus and motivation to give you the courage to authentically tread your own personal path.