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You are a company

You are working for a company or are an entrepreneur. You will have to deal with a great deal of technical topics as well as people. If these people are properly deployed and focussed, the common company goal can be achieved – more effectively and with minimal effort.

Every function within the organisation has a role that is either important or crucial to achieving the goal. Just like every cell in the human body has its own specific task – every employee needs to assume a role in the company. Coordinating their needs, characteristics and personal goals with the company’s objectives will lead to a greater impact and higher satisfaction. The organism that is your company can thus be perfected and made successful without any friction losses.

A4B will show you how you can be even more successful without having to lift much more than a finger.

Individuality means you strive for your own goals.

Think about it this way: The cells of an organism body all have their own head and self-will, and do what they fancy. The head wants to go straight ahead but the left leg wants to go right. The heart decides it wants to do a stress test and quickly raises the pulse up to 200…Not ideal, is it? It would be quite a ludicrous situation. Not so funny if you imagine this happening in your own company. But realistically, this situation is exactly what we encounter on a daily basis. Often, employees put their own interests above the company’s goals. Frequent stumbling blocks are:

  • Projects and plan never truly get off the ground, are not successful or are too expensive
  • The company’s strategic goals and vision are not achieved
  • The finances get out of control and losses start to pile up
  • Interpersonal issues between colleagues inhibit satisfaction and efficiency
  • Colleagues feel unnoticed and yearn for a challenge

Location analysis brings light to the key issues concerning the company and its employees. Using the Angels4Business© Coaching modules, we can clarify known and unknown issues, recognise priorities as well as determine and rectify any obstacles. You company’s true power and originality will be revealed, no matter how large or small your business may be.

From disunity to harmony

The challenge is understanding the whole company, the entire department or team, and placing the emphasis on the company’s objectives.

Outstandingly successful companies are cropping up all over the place. From my experience, these companies have done very well in getting their employees committed to achieving the business objectives. Or they know how to address the issues with the most powerful leverage at exactly the right time.

Your company can do it too! Are you interested in finding out more about how Angels4Business© can support your company and guide it to success?


Expect a breakthrough

Nothing says more than the voices of those who have tried out a method for themselves. A few Angels4Business© customers will talk to you about their personal experiences and situation, both past and present. Perhaps you will recognise a few similar topics with which you are confronted at the moment. Maybe you will identify some personal doubts and sticking points you have in common that you would like to do something about. You will see that removing these barriers is not quite as tricky as you might imagine. Find out more and be inspired!

Brigitte Uhlmann, Bella Donna Lingerie

“I am self-employed and the turnover in my business was very unstable, so I had very real concerns about its continued existence. I had already managed to remove a few barriers and fears to ensure I did not have to give up my business. But my goal was stability and more turnover. It just did not seem to want to come together – an essential building block was missing.

Then I got to know Arne and I arranged for some business coaching from him. I soon realised that I needed something very special to get things going…and I immediately had confidence in him.

I worked on my goals with him in a way I had never learnt and, after only four sessions (was it really only four?) everything had been sorted out. I meditated every evening like it said in the plan he drew up for me. After two or three weeks I sensed a complete change in my business. Things became easier, sales increased and my fears about myself and the future disappeared.

I cannot thank Arne enough for all he has shown me. He’s not only a wonderful person, but is also very precise and has an excellent work ethic. I would definitely recommend him to others!”

Nina Katschnig, Galerie Gugging

“Over the past 18 years, I have worked on expanding a museum, a private foundation, a gallery, and lastly, a restaurant in a cultural centre. Over the last few years, I have been concentrating on the gallery and gave up the others. Leaving the work on the museum behind me and consciously returning to running a gallery was challenging on a variety of fronts.

I would not have been able to manage it the way I wanted without insight and guidance from an external source. Luckily, I met Arne and the coaching methods he developed have made my dream of working with ‘angels’ a reality – both in and out of the office. This assistance enabled me to take a good look at existing systems and to change them where necessary. The method developed by Arne and the angels has been absolutely wonderful for me.

Arne – precise, analytical and very experienced through years of gathering expertise from professional life – along with the wonderfully gentle and understanding angels with their limitless energy. For me, it is a truly harmonious team. The coaching I undertook was a real eye-opener and I was able to recognise and unravel the situations in which I had been entangled for years.

Arne is an attentive and considerate guide. The worries I used to have about my firm’s continued existence and not knowing what I’m working for have been replaced by increased happiness and confidence. I want to give my heartfelt thanks to Arne and his heavenly team.”

Andreas Seeger; Seeger Steuerberatung

Arne is a calm and composed guide who does not put pressure on you and gives you sufficient time to look at the situation from an outsider’s perspective. He is excellent at helping you help yourself. You have the sense of freedom but the reassurance that someone is there to guide you by the hand. He guides you through the process thoughtfully and in a target-orientated way, and has great sense of what is important and what is unimportant. This means the sessions with him are highly effective but without feeling rushed or pushed.

Arne can very quickly grasp the situation and explain it very clearly. His approach is target-orientated, analytical and has a clear structure. He keeps to his transparent budgets 100%, in terms of both the result and the fee, and undertaking projects with him is like precision flying with a very smooth and accurate landing.

His clarity is very reassuring and means that his fellow team members feel comfortable opening up. This meant it was possible to carry out the necessary measures effectively, individually, and with the goal in mind.

It has been half a year since my last session. We introduced the measures within 6 weeks and started on implementation straight away. Since then, all the agreed measures have been successfully implemented to the full satisfaction of management and the employees.

Using my own understanding, I would never have used the step recommended by Arne as the first. However, we trusted his suggestion and chose as our first step the one we developed together. Over the intervening period we implemented the next step – the one I would have chosen as the first step using my understanding. Now, looking back, we can see that we would not have been able to implement it in the way intended if we had used a different sequence of steps – thanks Arne!