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Does it feel like you are always driving with the brakes on? Are you wasting a lot of your energy on friction losses? Are you always being bogged down by the same topics? Going round in circles instead of moving forward? Then it’s time to look beyond your horizon. The world is not limited by our imaginations! Dare to progress!

Angels4Business© Coaching is a unique and efficient method to increase success. Find out for yourself why your company or start-up is constantly coming up against a brick wall. You can achieve a whole lot more than you think. Targeted, appropriate and relatively little effort. Applicable to whatever job situation in which you find yourself or are being held ‘captive’ in.

Our coaching methods get everything moving and most of all – connect worlds that have hitherto been separate. They serve as a compass. The times when mankind only meditated or went on journeys of self-discovery in their leisure time are over. We have definitely reached an age in which we use our spiritual intelligence in our workplace. So it’s a win-win situation!

Have you had enough of half-heartedness, restrictive theories or structures that do more to block progress than encourage it? Welcome to Angels4Business© – just where you need to be. Be amazed at the opportunities that open up for your company, career or start-up.

Expect the unexpected!

Business meets spirit – Reasoning plus heart – Analysis plus vision – Intellect plus intuition – Thoughts plus feelings

Starting getting ahead today.

Find out what is possible, and what is not

I will make you a suggestion: fire up the turbo booster!

Potential is there to be used and exploited. Let your business and yourself draw on unlimited resources. It’s not as difficult as you may think. Angels4Business offers you a comprehensive instrument, which quickly gets to the point in a targeted way and clearly shows where there are any problems, and the reasons behind them. Angels4Business© is an exclusive boutique solution: fabulously efficient and new & unique.

As a trained economist, experienced and qualified business consultant, entrepreneur, ANGEL LIFE COACH® and OMNI hypnotherapist, I hereby – Nomen est omen – connect different and therefore complementary worlds.

I work with classic company consulting tools. But I also combine these with various spiritual approaches which has led me to create my very own consulting tools. A veritable power package! This makes Angels4Business© Coaching incomparable – and incomparably effective.

Experience the unexpected!

Experience the Unexpected!


Put your company on the path to a brighter tomorrow!

Private individuals/employees

Change your direction to one that leads to more success and satisfaction!


Start filling in the gaps in your start-up concept today and successfully implement your vision!